can't open e-mail attachment,why?


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Hi, i would like to know why can't i open my e-mail attachment.i could open
every other one, accept this particular one that my sister sent has the
e or(explorer logo on it)witch all my others don't.
it askes me to open or save file, when i click to open, it downloads but the same question pops up.i know the e-mail she is trying to send it's in a microsoft word format.and i dont have microsoft word(if it has anything to do with it any ways).please help :hammer:

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Hi oma,

What is the extension on that email attachment?

It sounds like it is an extension that Internet Explorer is able to open?

When you try to download the file do you have the option to save it to your hard drive?

If it doesn't open with IE does it open with Mozilla Firefox?

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