Cannot send email from Google apps -Oops... a server error (#001)

I was taken captive and asked the question to Just Answer. Try again..
I am unable to send an email from any of my 3 Google apps accounts on my laptop since midnight 23rd. True if the email is composed, reply, or forwarded. I also am unable to even save a draft. The email either hangs and freezes "still working' after 10-15 minutes, or if I way long enough I get the following error reported; "Oops... a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#001)" I get all inbound messages, bu am not able to send. All is normal on my desktop, but my laptop is my workhorse. I have spent about 72 plus hours chasing this down. It acts as if outbound service is blocked on the laptop, but I cannot determine how. I have McAfee Security Center, Firefox with cookies accepted. As much as I can tell the same on both systems.

Please rescue me in this wilderness of no human beings!:hammer:

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The official description is a generic there is a conflict with the software on your computer :

Did you make any changes on your computer on or around the 23rd?

Any changes to anti-virus, firewall, spyware, flash, etc kids of software?

This guide is geared toward yahoo (skip steps 1 & 6) but try some of the other steps :

If you are using XP are you able to do a system restore to before the problem started?

After checking extensively in google apps and McAfee permissions, removing all fire walls etc.. Nothing made a difference. I tried creating a new Firefox profile and all systems go. I had a similar mysterious sudden change when Firefox 3 was introduced and this was the work around. Unfortunately it is temporary and the problem will come back in days or weeks, always within a month.) Thanks for earlier help pushing me in unexplored right direction.