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I do a lot of emailing and use the BCC extensively. The TO: line I always put my email address in and then onto the BCC.

I have found lately that the email will not come back to me.
There is always an email in the SENT folder.

Why will the email not come back to me?
I've checked all the settings and cannot find anything/box that is unchecked or saying to "always send a copy to me".



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Hi Dave,

Which mail program or email service are you using to send your email?

The email might be getting caught by spam filters.

The email might be getting handled by mail filter rules.

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You could try adding your email address to your safe senders list. Keep in mind that sometimes spammers will fake "from" email addresses when sending spam and will send an email that looks like it came from your email address. Obviously if you get one of these and you know you didn't send it, you will know it was a spammer and you will know to just delete it.

To get to the safe senders list follow the instructions below:

junk safety options.png

safe senders.png

Go to the "junk" tab and click on the drop down box. Select "safety options" then select the "safe senders" tab.

Add your email address to the list. You can also then decide if you want to check or uncheck the boxes at the bottom (trust all email from all of your contacts and to automatically add people to your safe senders list that you send email to)

Let us know if this works for you.


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Followed the directions, found that my name was on the "safe" list already.
However, the "apply" button was "hot".
I clicked the button to apply and sent myself a test email

However, this problem of not sending the email to me just cropped up within the past few weeks.

But, thanks to your expert information, I believe we have it corrected!


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