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how about business mails WITHOUT sigs? I don't use address books. I made a habit of not using them 10-15 years ago when most viruses propagated via the information you had in there. Lately I've noticed that more and more people don't put sigs on their business emails. I have stumble through my phone or worse search through thousands of emails to find where the idiot that asked me to call him provided his number in an email like 6+ months ago . . . Seriously, if you send me an email asking for a conversation is it too much to ask that you include the damned phone number? Or worse yet . . . not be available in 15 minutes, because it took me that damned long to FIND your number?

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It's company policy for me to have a business signature but I find they clutter e-mail threads and that most of my contacts are not going to call me after I sent them in an e-mail. If I am dealing with a client or send an e-mail where I think it might be easier for the person to finish the conversation or troubleshoot an issue over the phone I'll type my phone number after my name at the end of the e-mail.

-Raymond @ 123.456.7890