Yahoo Mail Small Business doesn't filter spam


New Email
Hi all,

I have a website hosted with Yahoo Small business since 2002. Say my website is
I have 3 emails addresses (name and addresses are not real) (administrator) (originally a secondary address to
The three addresses go to yahoo addresses and from there to my POP account. I have the same filters, with the same keywords in all the addresses

In the last year or so, I started to receive tons of spam style "get slim in 10 seconds" (as everybody gets). I receive the same emails in the 3 addresses. In my address, these emails are filtered by Yahoo email, and go directly to the Spam folder, and of course, they never arrive to my POP account inbox
The remaining addresses are not filtered by Yahoo and go directly to my Pop account inbox

As a test, I moved the address as secondary to and now, the spam is filtered for this account.

So my problem is that, inthe administrator account, the spam doesn't filter anything. I tried to contact Yahoo, and the robot-answers are ridiculous :mad:, providing links to solutions for the old Yahoo version.

Any idea? Thank you in advance!!!!