Yahoo! Mail Problem Switching between personal and business accounts

Hello. I have a primary (MiguelAngelRodriguez007@Yahoo.Com) and secondary (Miguel_Rodriguez@Church-ERP.Com) email account through Yahoo. I use my primary account for personal emails; while my all business correspondence is performed through my secondary account. My problems started on 08/01/2009 when I no longer was able to access my secondary account.

Yahoo!Mail provides a hyperlink which exposes all accounts so I can view emails which were sent to either account. Normally, I login to Yahoo!Mail through my primary account; eventually, I switch to my secondary account.

Since 08/01/2009, as I accessed my primary account, I would show the list of available accounts, and select the secondary account. Usually, I am presented with a web-page asking for my account name and password. After I select my secondary account from that hyperlink, I form is displayed asking for my primary account's authentication information (primary account & password). Before 08/01, after I'd keyed in my primary account's name and password, I was able to access my secondary email account's information. After 08/01, I am simply returned to my primary account's emails rather than my secondary account's emails.

I've used various techniques to resolve this issue, to no avail: a) changed my password repeatedly, b) sent Yahoo Help Desk numerous, detailed lists of my problem, and c) used Google to uncover evidence on whether I am the only person experiencing this problem.

Please help me identify a solution for this problem. It's been two weeks since I haven't been able to access my business emails which were dedicated to my secondary account.:confused::mad::hammer:

Thank you.

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Re: Yahoo!Mail Problem Switching Accounts


This may seem like a silly step but I don't see it mentioned above, have you tried to login to the business account directly?

Is it possible that your account was compromised and the password was changed?

Since it is a business account, are your bills paid?

Try signing in here and if needed use the password recovery links:

Yahoo! Small Business: Domain Names, Web Hosting, E-commerce, Email, and Online Marketing

Here is the small business help page:

Thanks for the posted suggestions.

Fortunately, by 08/113, my business email account "magically" became accessible again. I didn't receive any notifications from Yahoo regarding problems, fixes, or outages -- it simply became assessible again. :yay:

To ensure such disruptions don't affect my business process flows again, I'm investigating email alternatives (e.g., gmail, etc.) and business continuity backup plans (e.g., multiple backups, distribution of work among competing service providers).:innocent:

Thanks for your everything. Hopefully, everyone else will experience similar recoveries in the future.;)