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Hi there,

I am using a home grown email marketing tool and IMail Server as the email server. The email marketing tool allows me to define a standard account (i.e. Alias <email address>) as a standard FROM. When I send a campaign all emails get delivered from the standard FROM and the bounced emails go back to the FROM email address. All good there.
But when I change the standard FROM email address to another email address from a different domain, even though the emails get delivered OK (FROM the new email address), the bounced emails are nowhere to be found. What is causing this and is this a generic problem or just with my email marketing tool?


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Where is the second domain hosted?

Is it also hosted on your IMail server?

If you send a test email to the second email address do you receive it?

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Like Popowich said, where is the other domain located? Is the 'new' address a user and domain also on the Imail server? If so, is it an actual address, or is it created as an alias? If an alias, what does the alias resolve to? Logs would tell you a lot as well.


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Popowich, KevinF,
The 2nd domain is hosted in a completely different location, nothing to do with this IMail server.

I do think I have worked out what the problem is. The "Return-path" variable in the email header generated by IMail is not pointing back to the original Imail account that sent the email. As soon as you change the FROM email address, IMail sets Return-path to the new email address, which is wrong. Hence, the bounced email never comes back to the original sending account.

So my question is - does IMail have the ability to set Return-path as I have looked everywhere in the admin module and have found nothing. I have also found an old post on the internet saying that v8 of IMail had no way of setting Return-path and this was a major issue then. perhaps it is still today. The post can be found -

Please help.


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You can only set the Reply Address from within the User Account. No way to modify the Return Path within Imail. I would recommend calling into the Tech Support line, and discuss the issue with TS, and if this cannot be done, have them add it as a Feature Request, or at least research RFC to see if it is even something we could do.