Yahoo distribution list emails bounced back by Shaw


New Email
I have been a member of Yahoo! Mail Plus for three years. In
the last 15 months, my emails to Shaw addresses (when they are included in a distribution list) are being rejected and I get the following message "Message expired for domain Remote host said: 452 Too many recipients received this hour".

The worst part is that it takes 2 days before I get the error message. Until then, I think that everyone got my email!

In Feb 2011, I sent an email to Yahoo! Customer Care. Here was their response " Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Mail Premium Customer Care. We
appreciate your being a Premium User and we are committed to providing
you with excellent service.

I understand emails sent from your Yahoo! Mail account are being
returned as undeliverable. I sense your concern in this matter, and I
love to clarify.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to investigate the issue on your
behalf, since the issue is specific to a non-Yahoo! account. Instead, we
recommend you contact the account owner using an alternate contact
method and advise them of the issue. The account owner should contact
their email provider for additional assistance."

So, they believe that this isn't their problem! I, on the other hand, don't believe that I have any power over Shaw to change their filters (which may be causing this problem).

I followed this email up a year later in May 2012, and Yahoo!'s response was basically identical. Not our problem! My solution up until now was to open a Gmail account when I have to send distribution lists that include Shaw customers. Gmail works perfectly!! So, why am I spending $20/year for a "premium" Yahoo account? The answer: I've had this email address for over 10 years, and friends that I don't talk to frequently can always track me down with this address.

Any help or tips you could provide would be welcome.