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Lately my boyfriend and i have been signing into our hotmail and having these 'bots' add us as contacts.

they say hi, do you have a webcam, you can see me on my webcam at this link and they try and get you to click it.

Where are they getting our emails from????

has anyone else experienced this?:eek:

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Can you take a screen shot of this problem?

Do you have anti-virus and spyware detection and removal programs installed? do you keep them updated and run them regularly? For my virus I like Avast, for firewall Zone Alarm, and for spyware you can try installing and running all of the following: Spybot, Malware Bytes, Spyware Blaster.

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Heres is what im talking about.
random emails that dont make sense.

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I get a whole lot of them too because I have a common name. The only thing you can do is hit block and ignore them.