How do I get rid of highlighted text on emails?


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When I accidentally highlight a letter while composing a message and hit the back arrow or forward arrow or backspace key it messes up the my text. Afterwards exactly one character will always be highlighted blue and I can't get rid of it. If I try to type every key I hit replaces the highlighted character. Then I have to delete the draft and start over. Any idea how to fix this problem?


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Hi, nareat

Odd. Hitting the left or right arrow (or up or down arrow) when a word or letter is highlighted is supposed to eliminate the highlighting without affecting the text, as you're apparently aware. (Backspace, though, will usually cause the highlighted text to delete.)

What program or email service are you using?
Does this same behavior occur when typing elsewhere, like in the compose editor for this forum or in Notepad?
What happens if you press the up or down arrow when this highlighting occurs?
What happens when you click 'away' (with the mouse), i.e. click the cursor somewhere where there is no text?