AOL sent my email to the draft folder

Gentlepeople, I wrote a very long letter to UPS....I did not send it, I just hit "enter". I was advised it was sent to my "draft" folder. My draft folder is empty!!! How long does it take for AOL to take a message and send it to my DRAFT FOLDER. IT HAS BEEN OVER AN HOUR, I AM STILL WAITING....OR, DOES AOL NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT.........AND JUST SAYS IT IS BEING SENT TO MY "DRAFT FOLDER". I SURE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHERE THESE THINGS END UP.

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It sounds to me that you lost the message or that it sent and you did not realize everything went OK. Saving a message to the drafts and sent mail folders should be instantaneous. If you do not see the e-mail in either folder then to be safe I'd recommend contacting UPS through the forms on their web site. There is likely a better chance they will receive your communication if you contact UPS directly through their contact forms. This is the link to the UPS Contact Forms. I hope this provides a reasonable answer to your question.