access emails employees have sent from home or their iphone.


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We have had a domain (our company name) with the respective employee emails being When we set it up several years ago I did not anticipate the problem of not being able to see emails that an employee sent from his home computer or his iphone. How do I handle this?

According to what I am reading now the company is responsible for all emails sent by an employee who uses your domain on his iphone or home computer


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Which mail server are you running? Is it unix or windows based?

Do you force all of your employees to send email through your server?

If they are sending through their ISP smtp relays from home computers you probably can't store a copy of them.

You can make a company policy that says they are required to send mails From: your company domain only using company mail servers.

You can also try to back that up with SPF policy that tells other mail servers to reject email From: your domain when it's not sent from your company mail servers.

It's not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction.

Back to my original questions, depending on what mail server you are running, you may be able to configure it, or add new functionality, that allows you to store a copy of all outgoing emails.
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I changed to IMAP protocol and now can login to our brighthouse biz control and see all sent email regardless of the device the employee used. The key is that their devise has to be configured for IMAP, if they by chance use POP then they can still send and I cant see their sent mails