1. B

    Outlook 365 Custom Column

    I've created a custom column in my "Inbox" that allows me to leave short notes to myself. However, when I move the email to another project folder the custom column note goes away. Looking for guidance. Thanks!
  2. J

    Rule to Chime when name is refreenced in body of NEW email only

    Hello All!! I wanted to set up a rule that will alert me via a chime or alarm whenever someone calls upon me in a new email. In other words, if an email states: "James, as per..." I would like to hear a chime. I set up a rule that follows a chime when the keyword "James" is in the body. It...
  3. M

    Adding a drop "down menu" column in outlook view

    Hi we operate a shared mailbox and I have added some columns to the inbox which allow us to fill details in such as who its assigned to. Is there anyway to make these a drop down box or a set selection in order to keep consistency. I have found yes/no. I was wondering whether you can set you own...
  4. ychaouche

    Emails to yahoo,live, gmail etc. rejected

    Dear EQ, I am running an e-mail server for a specific domain and one of our mailboxes got probably hacked. The mailbox was used to send 7000+ e-mails in bulk, resulting in what seems to be a ban from major email service providers like yahoo, live, gmail, outlook etc. The IP address of my...
  5. irosach625

    Outlook: Access denied.

    Hello. I am new to this website and am seeking some advice.. I cannot access Microsoft Outlook. Getting the error message: Access denied. Do you have any suggestions how to work around it? Any suggestions ideas would be great.
  6. I

    Multiple email accounts best practice

    Hi, I am trying to make my life simpler by applying rules to my emails. I have approx 10 email addresses i need to work with ( i am running various freelance businesses all in need of different emails and ability to reply from different emails). First I tried google as i liked the ease of...
  7. J

    Where Should I Move from Thunderbird?

    I am using Thunderbird 39.0 but want to switch from this email application as soon possible. As I have decided to go for MS Outlook because my friend has an instant solution for conversion i.e. Stellar MBOX to PST converter. But, I also need suggestion from experts. Note: Apple Mail is also a...
  8. J

    How Can I Restore Inaccessible contacts, Journals and calendars from Outlook PST file?

    I have noticed that contacts and journals are missing from of an old archive PST file. Earlier, I had never faced this issue whenever trying to open archive PST in Outlook 2016. Need urgent help!
  9. C

    @hotmail.com, @msn.com email addresses can't receive emails

    My customer is currently having an issue where emails being sent to @hotmail.com, @msn.com, and I imagine all other Outlook email addresses aren't being received. They aren't hitting the spam folder, nothing is bouncing back, but they just aren't being received in the user's inbox. We've...
  10. M

    Mark out-going email / categorize and group

    I frequently send emails needing a response. If the person who has received the email doesn't answer I may forget to check my sent emails and circle back to get an answer. I'd like to be able to mark the email as waiting for a response. I'd like to be able to click a button and see all the...