Rule to Chime when name is refreenced in body of NEW email only


New Email
Hello All!! I wanted to set up a rule that will alert me via a chime or alarm whenever someone calls upon me in a new email.

In other words, if an email states: "James, as per..." I would like to hear a chime.

I set up a rule that follows a chime when the keyword "James" is in the body. It works, though there are two main false positives. As an example, when I reply to an email addressed to me, and then someone else on that chain references someone else in a reply, the chime goes off.

This happens for two reasons, one I have a name "James" in my signature.
Easy fix, create an exclusion for when it reads my FULL NAME. Though, I don't know any solution for the second reason. When my name is located in a thread below the new email, which references someone else.

Any idea how I can accomplish this?