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Michael Eaton

New Email
I frequently send emails needing a response. If the person who has received the email doesn't answer I may forget to check my sent emails and circle back to get an answer. I'd like to be able to mark the email as waiting for a response. I'd like to be able to click a button and see all the emails I've designated as "waiting for a response" further advance could allow for a date to be entered so I knew the last date I could accept a response and the system could provide notification of those that are getting old or closing in on the end date.

I also receive emails when I'm not in a position to take action. I'd like an easy way to designate these emails as "needing action" or something that I can click a button and see these emails. Again, having the option to date them would give me an indication as to when my action must be completed.


EQ Forum Admin
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Which email client or email service webmail are you using to manage your email?

If I was going to do this in my Gmail, I'd enable stars and use the purple question mark to flag emails that are awaiting a response.

Filtering for all question marked emails would be an easy task. Using the multiple inboxes lab to create a permanent view of those emails is a simple task too.

If you're using Gmail and want help setting this up please let us know. If you are using a different email client please let us know which one and we'll help come up with a similar solution.