Yahoo Mail and McAfee Internet Security Software Conflict?


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My Yahoo! mail freezes up as soon as I click on an email. I end up having to shut down the computer to get out of Yahoo. This has been going on for over a week now ever since I downloaded McAfee security. Help! I am technically challenged on top of it all


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Have you already paid for McAfee? If not you can uninstall McAfee since there are plenty of free software options available. Use File Hippo to make sure that all of your other software including your adobe flash player are up to date. Do you have any otehr virus scanners installed that might be conflicting with McAfee? Try disabling just the web scanning part of McAfee for a few minutes to see if the problem stops (that's a troubleshooting step not a solution) Here is a list of more general Yahoo Mail troubleshooting steps :

But I would start with the above questions and updates first since you seen to be confident that you know what change caused the problem to start happening.

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