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I have been traveling over the last 2 weeks and had very limited access to e-mail. Over the last 2 days I have been experiencing problems in accessing Yahoo. When typing: Yahoo! I am sent to another address: Yahoo!, which appears to be a mobile address from which I cannot access my mail. If I erase the "m." it automatically reappears.

I found my way to Yahoo.mail through Google and was able to access my Yahoo account but found other problems: the program was very slow and I could not open most of my messages. Some open without a problem and others don't. Most of the time I get a blank page. Sometimes I am sent back to a previous message and sometimes I am quicked out from the account :confused: altogether, so it looks like there are multliple issues going on.
Please advise.

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Where are you in the world and what kind of computer / mobile device are you using to access the internet?