Yahoo FeedbackLoop-pending postmater approval+domain request for FBL entered data vanish


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Hi Friends

We have registered our domain for yahoo feedbackloop, for the past 1+ week, it was showing pending postmater approval.

All of a sudden, when we logged FBL yahoo module to check the status, I noticed all the records that was entered were gone.

I had to re-register again. How many days, weeks does yahoo+returnpath take to approve FBL domain request.

Any help appreciated.



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Hi Hochi,

Though they typically respond faster I'd allow a week for any processing related to Yahoo Postmaster services.

Is it possible that you were approved and somehow managed to abuse the service resulting in termination of your FBL?

Do you meet all of the requirements for getting approved for the Yahoo feedback loop including :

  • Signing your email with DKIM/DomainKeys
  • Having an existing good email reputation
  • Dedicated IP address(es) for your outgoing email
If you think there is a problem I'd contact ReturnPath directly - Email Deliverability: Contact Return Path, The Leader in Email Reputation & Deliverability Services

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Thanks popowich for the information. Really helps. We meet all the 3 requirements as stated in your post. Our case is, status was showing pending postmater approval, when I logged into FBL yahoo module to check the status, our request task record was missing. I have set the request again.

Will keep our fingures crossed, to get the approvals.