Xpress Mail/Mobile 6.1


New Email
I have a yahoo account. It originated as a rocketmail account but then yahoo bought it and let me keep the @rocketmail address so people still use the same addy. When i log in, however, on the yahoo login page i have to put a ".rm after my name for my username. In other words if I was tommyg@rocketmail.com, in the username fields of the yahoo login it would be tommyg.rm. I'm not sure any of this matters but i have a smart phone with windows mobile 6.1 and xpress mail. Ever since i synced the phone with yahoo mail i've been having issues accessing it both by phone and computer. On the computer it often takes a long time for the page to load and often i get a "sorry for the inconvenience" message and it won't access my new emails at all. Also, while i'm composing emails it often saves drafts on its own, unpromted and sometimes sends the email out before it's finished. From my phone i find that often when i send an email it sends it twice and on occasion has sent the same email to friends over a hundred times. I've deleted the settings in xpress mail but now i can't reconfigure it. Any advise at all?? Thanks in advance.