What requirements do you have for an email service provider?


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What requirements do you look for when considering signing up for a free email account?

What services or features do you require from an email service that you would be willing to pay for?


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These days my own email needs are meager at best. But if/when looking at providers my main requirement is security. (Going through the nightmare of a password recovery process after being hacked - esp. at a big provider where the 'support' is automated or, if human, slow at best - isn't worth the stress, IMO. Nor is the idea of having someone hack my account(s) to send spam to my contacts.)

I'd like to be able to trust that the provider has one or both of the following:

1) as much in the way of preventative security as possible (e.g. two-step authentication, security questions, long password [unlike Hotmail's 16-character limitation]), etc.


2) responsive, efficient, personal (email) support after account hacking happens.

Yeah, I know that's a lot to ask from free email !

Re: #2: I know that smaller free email providers have necessary limits on time, resources, etc., but I sometime feel better dealing with them - and getting the more 'personal touch' - than the idea of going through automated processes (and still being locked out) or submitting issues to over-burdened forums at the bigger providers (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) where resolutions may be a long time coming.