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My email has been doing some very weird things lately. Fisrt it was sending emails to everyone on my contact list on it's own. I was told this could possibly be a virus. That has since stopped, but now every day I log into my account there are about 40 "delivery failure" messages that show an attempt at sending a message to a long list of addresses unknown to me. I do not know how to get this under control and could use some hel or advice. Even if the advice is to cancel the account completely. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks.

Big Dan

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Hi Brooked, Welcome to eQ! :)

There's nothing you can do about it. Most likely your address was spoofed by a spammer. That simply means that a spammer made it look like he sent messages from your account, it's very easy to do and there's no way for you to combat it.

It should clear itself up with in a week or so just hang in there.


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I am having the same trouble. It has been going on for almost a month. I have tried everything that I can think of to stop it. Does anyone have any suggestions other than to wait? I will probably need to cancel this account soon if it doesn't stop. Thanks

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Hi Anne,

If you post the full email headers in a reply we can help you track down the source and report the spammer and/or source of the problem.

As Dan mentioned if there is a spammer using your e-mail or domain as the From: address on spams there is not much you can do besides do your best to absorb the flood of bounce messages and report the source of the spam.

If there is a problem with a virus on your computer we can help get the right tools installed to try and correct the problem.

The full e-mail headers should tell the story and let us know what kind of problem we are dealing with.