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This may sound like a silly question. Although I know the answer, I am having a disagreement with someone about the answer to this. Here goes, does web based email bog down, clog up, (what ever term you would use) like the old computer based systems used to. My friend was told to delete all emails after she read them because they can bog down her system.


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If anything web based email is going to use up resources on your computer in the form of cached web pages like any other web site would. If you only use the webmail interface and don't also use pop3 to download a copy of the emails to your computer (for example using outlook express) then you don't need to worry long term about large amounts of email and attachments using up your computers hard drive space. On a modern computer you really wouldn't need to worry too much about that anyway, since other programs like iTunes and all of your MP3's are more likely to use up far more disk space than email folders would.