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any truth for protection from viruses working through the e-mail contacts if you set up a bogus address ex. (aaa.aaaaa@aaa) since the virus cannot find the address as valid it is suppose to stop. You will recieve a bounce as undeliverable alerting you to a potential virus that you can then deal with

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I imagine it might work sometimes. You need to keep in your mind that a lot of mail servers delete infected emails and do not let the sender know they sent a virus. If they have valid recipient checking you'll find out before that happens though. It's also possible that your email provider would delete the bounce message on it's way back to you, or remove your access to the mail servers since they detected virus activity from you. There are also times when someone else has a virus but is sending them as you resulting in you getting the bounce messages. So, educated guess, at best this might alert you some of the time that you have a problem.