How to disable outgoing smtp virus scanning in Avast 2015 when sending email

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Sometimes the Avast outbound virus scanning can cause server timeouts when sending large email attachments and/or using a slow internet connection.

The source of the problem is the mail server timing out while waiting for a response from your mail program (maybe Avast) while the attachment is being scanned.

To disable virus scanning on outgoing emails please follow these steps.

First, double click the Avast icon in your system tray to open Avast:

Avast System Tray.jpg

Next, click Settings in the bottom left of the Avast screen:

Avast Settings.jpg

In the Settings, click Active Protection, then click the Customize link next to Mail Shield:

Avast Active Protection Mail Shield Customize.jpg

Uncheck the box for "Scan outbound mail (SMTP)", then click OK to save the changes:

Avast Active Protection Mail Shild Scan outbound mail.jpg