Verizon E-Mail messages wiped out


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I was forwarding an e-mail, and I erased all the information that came before the actual message, which I have done before. This time the entire message was erased. I went back to my inbox to get it again and found that all messages in my inbox, my sent folder, and my trash folder had disappeared. My server is Does anyone know how I can get all those messages back? Grammy

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Re: E-Mail messages wiped out


Are you using a desktop mail client or the Yahoo interface for Verizon?

If you are using the yahoo webmail for Verizon and the messages are gone from your folders then they are probably gone forever.

If you use a desktop mail client such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express it is possible that they may be recoverable.

Please let us know what program you use to read your mail and we should be able to provide you with a better answer.



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After I posted my problem about losing my e-mail messages I logged off my computer. I went back on a little later and all the messages were back. Maybe instead of a bug I have a ghost in there..........