Unwanted photos appearing at bottom of sent emails


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I am really in need of some help.

I recently sent an email using gmail to a charity organization (which has a dot org address)
I attached two jpeg files of apprx 1meg each.
They were simple designs for a leaflet.

Now here is the major problem : When the email was opened there was a large number of very pornographic photos at the bottom of the email.:eek::eek:

Now.... I know there is no porn on my PC so, they simply couldn't have come from my PC.
So, we have started to try and find the root of this problem.

1) I sent the email as a copy to a yahoo account I have.
No porn images, just the two attached files.

2) I resent it to the organization and this time nothing apart from the two jpeg files.

3) The original email was then sent from the organization to the ladies home PC, which is an AOL account.
This time..pictures of 10, Downing Street and ebay logos turned up at the bottom.

4) I have now sent the original email direct to the ladies home PC and await what happens.

5) I have also sent the email to a friend and she only received the two attached files.

So, my conclusion is that these images somehow appeared either en-route or, at the pc / server of where the original email was sent.

The dilemma is though............HOW...:confused::confused:.

Any help would be very appreciated.



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If you can send from yourself to yourself with no problem I think it's reasonable to start with putting the focus on troubleshooting their computer. If they open the email from you from a different computer at their organization is there still a problem or is it only from their original computer? It never shouldn't for everyone to install, get the latest updates, and then do a full scan of their computer using stopzilla, spybot and malwarebytes. Do you both have anti virus software? If not avast is good to get installed. Let it do a full scan on next reboot and reboot your computers.