Trouble with the new version of Yahoo email., Want to switch back to Classic Yahoo email.

I have a 2003 vintage desktop Dell computer with Windows XP.

Since I use web based email only (Yahoo! and Gmail), earlier this week when I logged onto my Classic Yahoo email account, I was forced by Yahoo to upgrade to the new version of their email (otherwise I could not get into my email), since it appears that they no longer offer a button/option to switch back to the Classic email version.

So a long story short, I received this suggestion (below) from someone online, but I do not think changing the resolution on my monitor is going to work as this person suggested since "I think" a monitor and hard drive work independently of each other. Your thoughts?

If this is doable, can someone walk me through this. Thank you.



However, there is (currently) a "workaround" to get back to Classic that works for most.
Just lower the page "resolution" to the point where it won't support the Beta version and you will be asked if you want to switch to Classic.
Obviously click Yes.
Once you are "firmly" back in Classic---you can return the page resolution if you want.

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Yes, your hard drive and your monitor are both separate pieces of hardware, but the resolution of your monitor is a setting controlled by software on your computer that can be detected by the Yahoo web pages.

I tried this for myself by setting the resolution on a test computer to 800x600 and visiting the Yahoo Mail page. My account is already set for Yahoo Beta as the default Yahoo Mail, and when I tried to login I was greeted with the following page :
Yahoo Mail Classic.jpg
You'll see that there is a link in the bottom right that allows you to go back to a previous version of Yahoo Mail when you try to visit the page while having your monitor set to a low screen resolution such as 800x600.

Nice research, and :welcome: to Email Questions!
Thank you very, very much for your help Popowich. Though I am not very computer savvy, I was able to follow the instructions via going to my “control panel”, then select “display”, and then select “settings”. In order to change the resolution (per the instructions), then switch back to the Classic Yahoo email, and then return my monitor back to the original resolution settings. This entire process took less than 3 minutes to do from start to finish. Cool!

Thanks much :thanks: