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Hello, thank you for allowing me to join your site . I have a question concerning the use of my e-mails. When I post an ad on craigslist or e-bay they send me a e-mail that I must respond to in order for my ads to be finalized and then they post it on their site for all to see. However when they send me the confirmation link to respond to I can`t find it or I just don`t know or have never been taught how to access to a link sent to me . Most times the mail will read, click the'' activate now'' link. all I can think is that I`m supposed to do is highlight the link the y want me to go to, but then how do I actually make this work . #1 right click the address they want me to go to #2 then what??????? you can call if possible to talk about this problem that is causing me great amount of grief and major delays in getting anything accomplished on this computer, and my other half thinks I just play on the computer when I really am trying to post ads to sell things as we are moving .chris

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Hi Chris,

What email program do you use to read your email? It is normal for public sites to have some form of validation in place to validate that you are a human and to help prevent spam from being posted to their sites. For example craigslist makes you click an email to your email address to validate that the link that you used is valid. Maybe you are not able to read HTML email and are having a problem seeing the links in the email? If it's not clickable you can copy and paste the confirmation link into your web browser. Be careful, they are often more than one line long and you'll need to double check that you have all of it and that there are no spaces between the letters in the link before trying to go to it in your web browser.