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My wife has a laptop running on Windows 7 with Thunderbird as her email client. She has a separate domain name and Thunderbird shows that it has an IMAP server, whereas it is a POP3 server. I've tried everything I can think of to edit the server from IMAP to POP3 but without success. As a result, we are unable to download emails from this domain, although MailWasher Pro has no difficulty in seeing them. When we try to download the emails, Thunderbird keeps on asking for the password and telling us that the server is an IMAP server and refuses to be cooperative.

We have been advised to reload Thunderbird or install Outlook. As there are so many folders and emails already there, this would be an impossible task.

I would be very grateful if someone could suggest how we might go about forcing Thunderbird to accept that the server is a POP3 and not an IMAP. There is a little box which shows IMAP:// etc but there appears to be no way to edit it.

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Big Dan

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Hi Trader,

Try removing the account then resetting up the account this time setting POP3 as the email server type. :)



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Hi Dan

Thank you for your suggestion. I've tried that a few times but Thunderbird seems to be determined to make life difficult. But I'll give it another try and maybe I'll do something that will scare the hell out of Thunderbird.

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