Messages Not Arriving in Apple Mail (Thunderbird Problem)


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Since I set up mail in Thunderbird, all my e-mail has stopped coming in to my Apple Mail!

So, I deleted the e-mail account from Thunderbird. Looks like Thunderbird over-rides my e-mail, not allowing my messages to download to Apple Mail.

I need all of my e-mail to download to my Apple Mail. So, now I will have to manually forward many messages from my online DreamHost accounts over to Apple Mail ....

Is there a fix to stop Thunderbird from doing this? I've never seen this happen before. I used to download all of my mail to Eudora and Apple Mail, so I had exact duplicate set of messages in both Eudora and Apple Mail.


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I imported the missing messages. It was only several dozen folders, and only about 100 important messages really.

Strange that this would happen all from installing and setting up Thunderbird ....

Good thing I have been keeping my Apple Mail up-to-date on my iBook G4, so I could simply import to my MacPro.

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