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Can you tell me why, when I print my emails, the email text immediately starts printing one line below my "Subject" line? I believe it used to print several lines lower. It started happening recently and I can't figure out why. I thought it might be "Enable Shrink-to-Fit" under Page Setup, but it's not checked. Can this be fixed permanently?

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Which email provider or email program are you using to read and print your emails?

Have you recently made any changes to your computer such as an upgrade to your email program?



New Email
I'm using Outlook Express from Office 2003. I honestly haven't made any upgrades to my email program. Just can't figure out why the message started printing out right under the 'Subject' line. (It's okay if someone puts in a return before they start responding.) Really annoying then I'm trying to read something quickly, because I tend to miss the first line of text.