Task Managment - Todo lists

Big Dan

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What is everyone using for task management/todo lists? I'm currently using Google Tasks which is simple but everywhere I am (iGoogle and Gmail). Remember The Milk seems very popular.

EQ Admin

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Up until about a year ago I used my email.

In 2010 I used the calendar on the wall behind me.

A couple months ago I started using Google Calendar.

That seems to work well for me since I can have it display next to my Gmail inbox and popup reminders as event times are approaching.

Big Dan

EQ Forum Moderator
Google Calendar is good for recurring stuff. It emails me reminders and I have text notifications setup for more important stuff. I've actually got a monthly reminder to do DB maintenance for my sites. That's how lame I am. :D

For quick stuff I've been using Google Tasks. Which is pretty cool it's got a nice mobile interface too.

When I'm out and and about and remember something I need to do at home, I text my email address.

Pretty much all reminders center around email which is where I always am.