How can I get my task bar back in my emails?

Farm Girl

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Yesterday morning everything was fine, I could send emails perfectly. Sometime in the afternoon, I responded to an email, and when I went to hit the 'send' button...there was none. The entire task bar had disappeared. I can reply, but not send. I even tried to download Thunderbird again and still nothing. What did I do that made the bar disappear and how do I get it back? I don't recall doing anything differently. Help!!! my emails are piling up waiting for replies. Thank you.


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Hi Farm Girl,

If needed, hit F10 to get back your menu bar. You can toggle it on/off with the F10 key.

With the menu bar activated, go to View -> Toolbars -> Composition Toolbar to turn on the toolbar that has the send button when writing an email.

Thunderbird fix missing send button in composition toolbar.jpg

Farm Girl

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Thank you so much, popowich. That solved the problem perfectly. I must have somehow hit the F10 button at some time during making my reply when it disappeared. I'm very thankful there are people like you why can solve problems for people like me who are so good at creating them...grin.