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I have a user that has been downloading mail to Apple Mail using POP3 and deleting from the GoDaddy mail server. I'm cutting the email from GoDaddy to Office 365 and want to push this downloaded email along with the folder structure she has created up to the Office 365 imap server and have her start accessing via IMAP.

I'm trying to figure out how to do this. Since the email address is not changing can I just make the configuration changes for the new imap server and see if things sync back up? Or is it more complicated?


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If the apple mail can export the existing mail in a standard mailbox format it should be able to use some Linux based scripting to "import" the email to the new IMAP account.

If you change the settings from POP3 to IMAP I suspect you'll either lose the existing email or cause a second config to be generated within apple mail.

A new config + the import mention above is a good option.

It's also worth double checking to see if the existing pop email is actually still on the current hosting mail server due to a "leave mail on server" setting, in which case the new service might be able to pop the email from the old into the new account.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not too familiar with Apple Mail but one thought I had was to fo the following:

  1. Create a new account using the same email address and pointing at the IMAP servers for Office 365.
  2. Then drag the folders from the account using POP3 into the account using IMAP and let it sync back to the Office 365 servers.
  3. Wait to do this after the MX records are changed then just get rid of the POP3 account after making sure everything has synced.
Think this has any merits?


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Could it support the import and export function like AA Mail Server? If so, you could try the import and export method.