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I've notice a symbol that's on almost every email I receive. (I use Outlook Express)

It's generally located toward the bottom of the post. It consists of line, a comma, shorter line, a period, a shorter line, a comma, a line

It looks like this:




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A note....I see this symbol mainly on yahoogroups posts, although I first noticed it on emails I received from Incredimail accounts. (I receive both yahoogroup and Incredimail in my Outlook Express account) I noticed it's only visible if you highlight the bottom of the incoming post...clear as mud, eh?) :rolleyes:


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God question! I've done a little digging but don't have a good answer for you yet.

I'll reply when I figure it out. :thanks: and :welcome:



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This has been driving me all but bonkers for the past few weeks!!

I've done some digging too; although, my dogs would get better results digging through the three or four feet of snow to find the ball they lost back in November! :hammer:

You can easily see the symbol on Incredimail, usually in the main body of the post. With yahoogroups you need to highlight the bottom of the post and it'll pop up.
I was wondering if it might be a tracking technique?

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it! :thanks: