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The past few days I've been receiving strange mails from different addresses.
The thing that caught my attention is the fact that each mail contains the same receivers. The mail contains short messages like this one from portconstanta@{redacted}

Jaw-dropping babes will make you hot all night long.

Followed by a link which I will not post here because it probably contains viruses.
I also received sort of same mails today from manz_frederick@{redacted} and desta@{redacted}.
Does anyone know how It's possible that I receive these mails from different senders? I already moved them to my junk file, but they keep coming in and it annoys me.
Hoping you can help me....
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When you receive these types of emails it's best to mark them as spam / junk / phishing and then delete them.
But if you want to stop them, see my post under "Spam emails. How do I stop getting them?"

Spammers use many fake return addresses to get around filter/blockers, making those filters all but useless. And they sell addresses to each other worldwide so that you sometimes get the same identical message from spammers all over the world.

They also use automated password crackers to guess easy usernames like or juuls007@outlook,com.

The post above will explain how to use alias addresses, all gathered together in one webmail account, and how to use non-social and social scrambled usernames to foil the spammer's pw cracker.

To exploit this approach and stay under the spammer's radar, you'll probably have to start over with a new webmail account that has alias email addresses. has 10 aliases with its free account.

So do and

These addresses are as permanent or temporary as you want to make them and may be deleted and replaced at any time to foil persistent spammers.

And they don't get kicked back by website merchants during registration the way domains like and do.

Outlook makes it pretty easy to import mail (and their folders!) from the old account.

And when you do, you will have absolute veto power over repeat spammers.

Good luck!
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