Stolen Hotmail Password


New Email
Someone has figured out my hotmail password and changed it. I can't get to
my email and so I can't follow the rest link. I also do not see the option
for "Answering Secret Questions" on the webpage. Whenever I ask for help to
be sent to my alternate email, they send me a link to reset my
account instead of my hotmail account. I can't find any phone number to call
to ask for further help. How can I get control of my account? Can you please
give me any info or phone number or anything? Thank you. Alan


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Unfortunately there generally is not a lot of support available from the free e-mail service providers. The best bet to get a response is to report a security vulnerability. If you explain that there has been unauthorizied access to your account they should be able to get you to the correct support team. Be sure to include a working e-mail address and phone numer where they can reach you in the report. You can also e-mail directly with the details of your problem and see if you can get assistance from that team.