Stolen email address


New Email
I have received a spam email in my Hotmail account, the sender of which is shown as my own email address, on 2 occasions. I am not permitted to add my own list to my Block List, how can I stop this spam getting into my email account. And how do I prevent my email address being used by others.


Customer Service
A hacker is logging into your account. You need to immediately change your password and security questions. You also need to immediately add an alternate email address to your account. If a hacker gets in and tries to change that, they will send a code to the original email that you verified asking for it before they will allow another alternate email. You should never lose access to your account as long as you do that. (MAKE SURE you do not use the same passwords for other sites or the hacker could get into your alternate email also and put the code in to change the alternate email on you to one of theirs)

Let us know if you get everything straightened out. Good luck!