Sprint PCS Mail service to be discontinued

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I'm pretty sure I had a pcs email box, for years I was on their cell network. . . . I never used it regularly, but I know I had one - I've been off of sprint for about 2 years, wonder if that mailbox is still around

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I wonder if this means that the e-mail to text gateway will break?

I get alerts from work to my sprint pcs address which convert to text messages on my phone.


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Although the e-mail service is going away, the e-mail to text gateway service will still work.

For example, if you are an IT worker and get pages to your sprint phone (10-digit-phone-number@messaging.sprintpcs.com) that service should continue to work after December 31, 2008.

After a live chat conversation with Sprint support I was told the following:

1:27:37 PM Joshua A I have verified with my floor support and that service should still be available because it works on a server separate of the pcs email that will be discontinued.