Someone hacked my email


New Email
I have a free email account with for about 16 years. 2 days ago a hacker broke in and changes my password, security questions and my alternative email. so i cant reset my password. since my account is free i cant use the customer service phone service. I can only use the online customer service. I have been receiving generated emails from them but no one has helped... has anyone been thru this and what else can i do to fix this problem? :confused:


Create a brand new email account somewhere with a brand new and more secure password. Do not use the same password as any you have used before. Also, use all different security questions/etc. and you may want to have a different birthday and remember what.

Change your password on here, and change your email address to that new email. Do not use the same password as in step 1, or any previous passwords.

Do the same for all your other accounts.

Do this quickly.

Oh yeah, an do all this on a computer you know is uncompromised.