Social Engineering for E-mail addresses

Big Dan

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How many of you give your web-based email account's credentials to 3rd parties like MySpace and other social networking sites? Most social networking sites offer to invite all your friends with ease. I've never given up my password but lots of people do and it annoys people like me who actually care whom we give our email addresses to.

Lots of these services don't only invite you once they send constant social engineered reminders. My Yearbook seems to abuse this the most. Even though I already have an account there, I get reminders probably twice per week all from one person who forked over their password.

I recently started getting notices that some has "bought me a drink" @ they must of bought a mailing list from some where because I never gave these addresses to people just newsletters and forums.

EQ Admin

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I never give my account info to 3rd parties.

I do not use the "invite your friends" features in facebook, etc.

I hate receiving those stupid "please join site X" e-mail requests.