sent, sent items, sent messages. too many sent folders with IMAP


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I just set up IMAP and was so excited to see all the folders from all the my devices download automatically to all the respective devises.

I now have way too many sent folders.
I have ( sent) (sent items) (sent messags) on each device.
I tried deleting all but one, but when I send again the folder automatically gets created again on all the other devices. For example if I send off my iphone the sent iphone messages appear on all my other devise in the "sent messages" folder. If I send off my work stations all the sent messages will be found in "sent items" folder.

How do I consilidate all the many Sent Folders into just one sent folder on each devise.



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Hi LO,

Check the settings for each account and make sure you give the sent-mail folder the same name on all devices.