Searching Contacts Give Bogus Results


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Using Yahoo mail on Firefox 28.0 but get same results on Google Chrome.

Searching my Yahoo Contacts (via Search Contacts button) finds some results that are correct, misses others it should find, and returns some that do not match at all.

The search ignores the First Name and Last Name fields.

It does match on the contact's email address (which is good).

And it finds some that should not match at all. That is, the search criteria is not in the contact entry.

Searching used to work but I can't get it to work correctly these days.

Am I just missing something?



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Today I find that searching the contacts actually includes the first and last name as search input. However the search still turns up bogus results but that is MUCH better than missing legitimate results.

I guess no one else sees this issue? Over 170 people have viewed my original post but no replies.

-- Larry


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Hi Larry,

I checked my Yahoo Mail but can't seem to reproduce the problem.

Most of my contacts are stored by the field Nickname, but if I update the First Name and Last Name field with unique information I'm able to search for those and they come up in the results.

My first suggestion would be to try some of the general computer troubleshooting and update steps at the following link including making sure your flash payer is up to date and tinkering with the full featured vs. basic Yahoo Mail modes:

Please let us know if any of the steps listed there help fix the problem with searching contacts.



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I found nothing in the link for troubleshooting that helped. All my plugins are up to date.

In my last post I said that the searches were correctly finding everything they should but they are finding additional bogus contacts too. Actually I've only noticed one set of bogus hits. If the search is any part of "larrymcgowan", for example "gow" or "ymcg" or even "larrymcgowan", the are 9 extra hits that show up which should not.

In any case, I'm happy that it turns up the ones it should and I can ignore the extras.

-- Larry


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I just tried some more searches in my contacts and I don't see the bogus results any more. Maybe some update fixed it! And maybe it will stay fixed!