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Safe Mail is amazing if you want a rock solid email service and don't care too much about additional integrated functions. In addition to being user friendly and reliable, the stability of their user interface, that does not change frequently, are a few reasons contributing to it being a superb email service.

Safe Mail gives users peace of mind because it is so safe. You cannot accidentally remember passwords due to a wrong button. Every action you do is confirmed on screen. There is virtual keyboard for signing in and when signing out it is clearly confirming on screen that you have signed out. The log of previous session is very punctual.

Everyone has different email needs. If you want to chat, share documents, or host a web site, then there is Skype, Dropbox,, and free web hosting providers that specialize in those services. The combination of Safe Mail for your important email, and other services for all the rest, works very well if you don't require those extras that are often found in other mail providers. If you are highly focused on live chat, lots of extras, or large storage space like Google Drive to share documents then Safe Mail may not be the best option for you.

Safe Mail offers both POP and IMAP service. For security reasons a user must enable them before they can be used to access an account.

Safe Mail Pros:
  • Reliable
  • User Friendly
  • No advertising
  • Infrequent downtime
  • Detailed session logging
Safe Mail Cons:
  • Small free storage quota
  • High cost of upgrading
  • More spam to inbox than expected
  • Can not recover lost email passwords
A long time user of Safe Mail commented that they receive more spam than expected, and to reach support they had to call Israel. The phone support was very friendly, but it shouldn't be that calling to Israel works easier than sending an email to the help desk.

For people who do not want their web browser to remember passwords, who are carefully keeping track when they last signed in, and who are very careful of not pressing the wrong options in general per accident, it is great because you get so many confirmations for your actions.

If you are looking for a great email service, Safe Mail does just that: email.

We recommend it to anyone who wants a solid, reliable, user friendly and safe email.
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Customer Service
If people are interested in really good spam filtering, I recommend SpamFighter. The free version has OBNOXIOUS ads at the bottom of my emails that the sender doesn't see. I had NO IDEA when I was sending emails that they were adding their ads at the bottom until someone told me. The ONLY reason I didn't get rid of it for doing that to me is that it works so well at filtering spam from my inbox. It puts it in a special folder so if something ends up there that shouldn't have, you can just move it to your inbox and whitelist it.

If you hate the ads but love how well it works, you can upgrade to remove the ads from your emails. You can download it here.

Here is a screenshot of the bottom of one of my emails. I consider it to the point of obnoxious. (You can click on the picture to see it better)

spamfighter spam.png
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