Reply and forwarded email disappears from Microsoft Outlook


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My email on Outlook has worked well for years. Suddenly last week I found that every time I either reply or forward an email, the original email disappears from my inbox. It is not in the deleted box either. It is just gone. The actual reply or forward is in my sent mail, but the original is gone. Any idea why?

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Re: Reply and forwarded email disappears


You may have a problem with the default view. Change it to show all emails and not just unread messages in this folder.

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If that is not the problem is it possible that you created a rule that is deleting the email after you reply?

Check Tools -> Rules and Alerts to see if there is a rule causing the problem.

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In recent versions of Outlook there are additional settings under File -> Options -> Mail -> Replies and Forwards

Also check Options -> Mail -> Inbox and Sweep Rules