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I checked my hotmail inbox and my windows live messenger from a computer that has vista, and for some reason the computer kept records of my email accounts that i the owner of the computer now knows that i checked my email from there and the funny thing that he was also able to tell me how many read emails i have in my inbox... Now I am 100% positive that he does not have my passwords or i left my emails open thats for sure... is there anyway a computer keeps logs of checked emails? and is there anyway that person can get access to those read emails? how the hell was he able to tell i had this many emails in my inbox... Again the computer has vista!

this person is pretty smart and knows about computers FYI

Please just people who have good IT skills are welcome to reply.. this is a serious matter

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Hi Nick,

You caught my interest. Let me investigate this and see what details I can come up with.



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thank you Raymond

so let me remind you i did check my msn messenger from his computer i did not save the email or the password. I also checked my hotmail normally from the browser i did not use the live mail thing that you download

now i did notice that my email accounts showed up under contacts which is located under owner and when i click on that folder i find this windowslivecontact.file which i dont think he could open

but i remember deleting them before i finished using the that i was surprised by him saying that he knows i checked these emails on his computer and he knows how many read messages i have in my inbox it makes me kind of suspecious how the heck was he able to do that

another way of getting access to the email account folder in the computer is by going to C:\Users\owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Messenger but when i click on those folders i find subfolders, objectstore,sharingfolders, sharingmetadata and social news but none of these sub folders seem to contain data about my emails accounts.

and like i said i am 1000% positive that he does not have my passwords and that i did not leave my emails open because this happened a long time ago and he was just playing i guess with his data and he found those records.

is there now anyway that he could have access to my inbox? offline? records of my emails?

does knowing how many read emails i have my inbox means that he was able to see the whole thing?

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Hi Nick,

I'd suggest just as a precaution to change your Hotmail password. On a couple of occasions I've had my hotmail ID some how assoicated with my Windows logon under Vista. XP had this "feature" too although it wasn't as sneaky as it is in Vista.

If you change your password you know there is no way he can access your account. Better to be safe then sorry. :)


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Big Dan

I'm not concerned about him having the passwords or anything like that...

my question is how much information was he able to get just from the log?

how could he tell how many read messages i had? knowing that there is no way he had the password

somehow he found a record in the computer that had that data