MX Record help with O365 and 123 reg

Lorna Dexter

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I have 4 email addresses hosted with 123reg and having set up 1 address with MS exchange server. I wanted the remaining 3 to stay hosted on 123reg server and forwarded to the main email address with O365. My problem is the 123reg control panel won't let me forward the 3 remainder addresses as the mx records are pointed to O365. Is there a way round this? If I add 123 reg mx records and ip server address, will this work? Thanks


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Are you trying to split the email hosting and addresses for emails within a single domain name across two email providers, or do you have 4 domain names and you want 3 with 123reg and the remaining with o365? I do not recommend making any changes to your MX records yet until the situation is more clear. Also, pointing the MX records for any domain name to two different email services is going to result in the loss of email unless all email addresses are created and exist at both email services, and you're configured to check both for new emails (not recommended!)

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