Recieve Picture attachments that are blank, but then appear at the bottom


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I receive emails from a friend and when they send picture attachments the boxes show up empty and then the pictures show up after...
example... for 10 pictures, I get10 blank boxes(the size of the picture) on the page and then the 10 pictures are after them.


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Thank you for your response Raymond.
Further to my query, the e-mails are from the same person, all other e-mails I recieve, from everyone else, are correct except from him. I understand now that they are being sent out from him that can I help him correct this situation?
Best Regards Radar


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i have recieved emails like that the pics are thumbnails at the bottom with empty boxes in the mail if I'm not mistaken it's the sender, seems u have some options on the way u send attachments and insert in the body, have seen it somwhere anyway nothing to change on ure end that's just the way it's coming, as u stated it only happens from that sender and that's why (the way they're being sent)