can't send or recieve e-mails


New Email
I am learning how to use my computer. It's an Acer, Aspire X with Windows 8.1 I have created a Microsoft Account and an e-mail account with I can't seem to send or receive e-mails. I do get the e-mails from Microsoft and updates from facebook. I've read so much about this problem with 8.1 I'm guessing it has to do with POP, POP3, and IMAC. I don't know witch one to use. The reply I get is from Hotmail saying something about Postal....Automatically...failed...can't remember exactly. I've been told to erase everything on my new computer and start over with different everything. I don't really feel good about that but I will if I have to. My browser is Internet Explorer. Not sure about my settings, I have changed some. What is the SSL, or ___2.0? So confused. Thanks