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I have a Mac G-5 and use Entourage 2004 as my mail program. In addition to my E mail, I also have my wife set up with her own E mail address. I have a broadband connetion with Cox.

Within the last several days, any E mails sent to her address from Hot Mail(and G mail as well) are not being received. They are not going to junk mail and there are no filters turned on either in Entourage or Cox.

Any thoughts?

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Hi BigBill,

Do you have the SpamBlocker enabled on the Cox account?

If you login to the webmail and look under settings, there should be some spam filtering options there.

As a test, disable that and send a test message from Hotmail.

It may also help to whitelist and/or add the hotmail address to the address book in the webmail.